Come to Bigg Boss, wash away your sins!

Come to Bigg Boss, wash away your sins!

As television’s most controversial show Bigg Boss continues to entertain viewers with its sixth season, I am amazed to see how it has transformed into a pious place where celebrities get a chance to come on national television, wash away their sins and come out clean. Indeed! At least looking at the frequency of re-entries of contestants who were ousted from Bigg Boss house after their outrageous behavior with other housemates, I am not left with no choice but to believe this.

Look at the ongoing season where controversial celebrity Imam Siddique was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house after he misbehaved with fellow inmates Aashka and Nirahua. I seriously can’t remember if any contestants in past 5 seasons of the show dared to cross the line that Imam did. Despite all this, an apologetic Imam was allowed to re-enter the house and was given a second chance – for good or bad, too early to say! Personally, I don’t think his obnoxious acts were worth forgiving.

In the past also, there have been several incidents where contestants were asked to leave Bigg Boss house mid way and then keeping in mind the sudden fall in TRPs, they were called back on public demand – only to apologize and bring out their good side.

Most favourite among all was loud and shrewd Dolly Bindra, who was expelled from game after she picked a fight with co contestant Sameer Soni. Later, she entered the house as a guest and portrayed a much more toned down facet of her personality – only to make viewers suspect if this sugar coated extra sweet Dolly is the same woman who would never keep her volume down while talking. Another unforgettable episode was with ‘Spame Me’ queen Pooja Missra who brought a psycho alert in Bigg Boss house with her abnormal and intimidating behavior. After noticing her physical and verbal violence, she had to leave half way. Soon, she reentered the house and tried to be the peacemaker, making everyone believe that she is a changed person now. And not to forget sensational Kamaal Rashid Khan, better known as KRK, who also faced Bigg Boss’s ire and was ejected out of the house after he physically attacked one of the housemates. However, he too was brought back in the show after he felt really sorry for his acts.

Do we really need to cite more examples? Clearly, Bigg Boss is trying to act a bit too courteous and lenient to allow the ousted contestants re-enter the show and get away with the baggage that might have bothered them outside the controversial house. Though I am not too convinced about these second chances! Come on guys, it’s obvious that while staying inside the Bigg Boss house, all celebrities go through testing times and it’s not easy to cope up with the pressure of being in front of cameras all the time, but that’s the show all about. And contestants who can’t fit the bill do not deserve to be back in the game. However, the lucky ones who got to enter the Big Boss house again certainly made the most of it. Though, I am yet to see if an egoistic Imam Siddique would impress viewers with this changed person or is there more violence in store.

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