Britney Spears, growing up killed the child star!

Britney Spears, growing up killed the child star!

Britney Spears’ pathetic attempts to resurrect a career that can no longer stay alive as judge on reality TV show X Factor isn’t the first time a child star has tried another shot at fame. With child stars like Britney Spears enjoying the kind of fame and its side effects even grown ups can’t handle, Britney is addicted to the F word. How many times have we seen child stars like Brit who have touched everything and turned it into gold only to lose their Midas touch to adulthood?

Take for example child stars in Bollywood who had us oohing and aahing like the adorable Jugal Hansraj in Masoom. One look from the light eyed boy wonder and a thousand hearts with melt. Or the smart talking street savvy Kunal Khemu as Raja Hindustani’s trusted sidekick? Cut to adulthood and the poor boys are now dusting off their DVDs instead of signing on plum lead worthy roles in Bollywood. Jugal Hansraj of course was once Yahsraj film’s poster boy even making it to the director’s chair in animation endeavor Roadside Romeo and Kunal Kehmu these days is better known as Soha Ali Khan’s squeeze. Not surprsing then their fate when Britney Spears, a much bigger star is struggling to stay afloat in Hollywood.

Britney Spears did have a career arc that defied gravity as former Mickey Mouseketeer turned every paedophile’s wet dream as the pig tailed precocious school girl in Hit Me Baby One More Time! Sadly now, two kids, two marriages, one head shaving and consequent nervous breakdown later, Britney Spears is trying to cut it as a judge on a reality show that nurtures new talent. Perhaps she should be giving them a crash course of the after effects of fame!

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