Breaking Dawn: The end of Twilight

Breaking Dawn: The end of Twilight

Breaking Dawn movie is just around the corner for fans across the world. This modern day love story between Bella and Edward was nothing less than a Romeo and Juliet for this generation. Over the years the novel enthralled book lovers to the extent that it was turned into a movie series. Initially when I heard about this book I thought it was quite juvenile and the idea of vampires and werewolf’s just made me laugh. It even started a vampire rage in TV shows all around the world. Lol

But when a friend insisted that I give the book a try, I gave in and soon I was hooked. Finished all the books in just a week! But be warned, this love story is only for the romantics.
But for me the movie series just could not ever hold a candle to the book. There were too many additions and subtractions. However, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson stole hearts all over the world thanks to their roles.

Now the final movie is set to hit cinemas and the initial pre launch reviews seem promising. It will be the end to the series. After looking at the trailer there seems to be a different plot than the book. But I am still eagerly waiting to catch Breaking Dawn at the earliest. Now I understand how Harry Potter felt when it came to an end. :P

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