Breaking Dawn: New age Wuthering Heights

Breaking Dawn: New age Wuthering Heights

I remember I was in Holland visiting my friend on almost on a whim I picked up the DVD of Twilight. We were all in the mood to watch a romantic film seeing as only women were in the house that day. Now when i see the hype around Breaking Dawn, the last part of the Twilight series, I am one of those women who is floored by Hollywood cheese. Yes i admit it i’m a die hard romantic!

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are the modern day Heathcliff and Catherine from the classic Wuthering Heights. Ok i know you literature fans are going to bay for my blood, but the same kind of intense love story and a similar love triangle proves that the Twilight series is a classic. It’s no wonder that even cynics like are waiting to catch the last part of Breaking Dawn. Will Bella make an appropriate vampire? Will Edward and Bella make their love last?

Through it all, whether it was Breaking Dawn or New Moon, Eclipse, Edward and Bella will go down in movie history as the most intense lovers on 70mm!

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