Bipasha Basu loses it to Poonam Pandey!

Bipasha Basu loses it to Poonam Pandey!

I know how it feels when a newbie who has just shot to fame by means of cheap controversies scores over you and garners attention from all around. Bengali bombshell Bipasha Basu would exactly be going through the same swinging emotions – all courtesy to our striping sensation Poonam Pandey. Yes! You heard that right! Obsessed with her body and taking nudity to a different level, the controversial babe is back in news.

There are reports doing the rounds that apparently ‘Jism’ director Amit Saxena who is directing Poonam for her debut film ‘Nasha’, feels that twitter girl is much more talented than Bipasha Basu. Oh really!!! Keeping aside the fact that both Bipasha and Poonam are way too bold when it comes to on-screen portrayal of roles but is it fair to even compare the two on merely these grounds?

I wonder what extraordinary ‘Jism’ director has noticed or come across in Poonam Pandey that he so confidently made such a remark. For a fact that ‘Jism’ – the film has become an iconic one in the history of Bollywood for its script, characters, content et al – there’s no way such comparisons should come into the picture. Movie lovers can’t deny that Bipasha Basu took the big screen by storm when she did erotic thriller ‘Jism’ almost a decade ago. Flaunting her bare back poses and semi-nude acts while portraying a negative and rather bold character in ‘Jism’, the actress came across as a PRO at whatever she did. Though there have been several bold movies that Bollywood witnessed afterwards, but none have managed to match the standards with Jism – in the literal sense. Bipasha Basu in particular became a sex symbol ever since the movie became a hit at the Box Office and her performance was fairly liked by the critics and movie lovers alike.

In my deadly dreams also, I can’t imagine Poonam Pandey doing all that with so much ease and elegance. At no point Bipasha Basu looked vulgar or corny while doing the bold scenes but with Poonam Pandey, I guess her bedroom secrets and bathroom videos were enough to show her desperation and cheap attempts to get attention. If someone still wishes to compare this wannabe with sex siren Bipasha – I would have my own doubts.

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