Bigg Boss: Why we love to hate Sapna & Imam?

Bigg Boss: Why we love to hate Sapna & Imam?

Exact 60 days into the Bigg Boss show and I am surprised why Sapna Bhavnani still continues to be the most disliked inmate on the show. Not to say that she is the sweetest contestant or can win your heart with her notorious antics, but what’s wrong in being true to yourself and portray your real image to the viewers. And that’s exactly what celebrity hair stylist Sapna has been doing since day 1. Not believing in using any sugar coated words to impress co-contestants on Bigg Boss show, neither she has cried her lungs out seeking sympathy votes from public, yet she has been shown in a very negative light making viewers dislike her.

Joining her in the list of most disliked contestants on Bigg Boss show is Image and Fashion consultant Imam Siddique who is a wild card entrant on the show. Though Imam’s conduct and behavior on the show has been dangerous and offensive, yet some feel that it’s fair ‘coz he’s being the way he is in real life. I have my own doubts here!

Having said it all, I am still trying to understand what viewers want. On one and, Bigg Boss audiences love to watch the show provided there are never-ending controversies and conflicts happening inside the house to keep them engrossed and entertained. But at the same time, they refuse to accept the contestants who create the maximum controversies. And that’s why each time Sapna or Imam would do something contentious; they would come under spotlight and would be written off on social networking websites the very next moment. Aren’t audiences being a bit hypocritical here?

If you look back, Sapna has been nominated by Bigg Boss contestants five consecutive times, but she was saved each time, courtesy public votes. Also, Imam was ousted from Bigg Boss house twice; still he is part of the game and is playing it really well. So what’s the outcome of this confusion? Do Bigg Boss viewers love to watch controversies but hate people behind it? Or is it that viewers love to hate these controversial contestants and want to watch them stay in the game? Whatever! As long as Bigg Boss contestants are vying had to stay till the end, it doesn’t matter what controversies they give birth to and whether they are being loved or hated for that. So it’s only wise to forget who is doing what and just enjoy Bigg Boss 6 – it’s different!!!

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