Bigg Boss: Why Salman blasted Imam

Bigg Boss: Why Salman blasted Imam

Full of shocking surprises, as Bigg Boss season 6 has been with every passing episode and week, it reached the climax when troublemaker Imam Siddique crossed the line and took a dig at host Salman Khan with his infamous catchphrase ‘Time out’.

Unbelievable was the sight to see Imam mustering up that courage to mess it up with Salman Khan – in front of everyone. Giving it back right there, the actor snapped him and the impromptu reaction was just too ultimate and poor Imam’s forced apology only added on to the entertainment quotient. Bigg Boss viewers got a free treat watching this straight-from-a-film action sequence where the war of words took away everyone’s breath.

Guess this blasting was well called for. Imam’s irritating and psychotic antics had already taken a toll on everyone’s mental and emotional state inside the Bigg Boss house and the way he dared to misbehave with Salman only made things worse.

Taking it to another level, surprisingly, the 47-year-old Image and Fashion consultant didn’t hesitate a bit before bragging about how he has done casting for A-list celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta in commercials. Don’t know what on the earth made Imam think that he has contributed even an inch to the success stories of these Bollywood stars. Though it was relieving to see Salman standing up for his fraternity friends and giving it back to a loser Imam in the face. And I won’t be surprised if Sallu’s supporting and praising words for SRK would spark fresh speculations about their patch-up.

Well, I am sure after such incidents, Bigg Boss makers and producers would practice extra caution before getting in such contestants on the show who can dare to cross the line with a host like Salman Khan. No wonder Imam had no clue that what was coming his way – don’t know if this episode would have some serious repercussions on his career outside the Bigg Boss house. Hard luck Imam!

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  1. Suri Saturday - 29 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    It is well scripted episode. hahaha... Why would salman praise sharukh? it is scripted guyzzzz for their benifits.

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