Bigg Boss: What’s cooking between Aashka and Sana?

Bigg Boss: What’s cooking between Aashka and Sana?

Now I know why Bigg Boss is called the ‘house of scandals’. The ongoing season of the show has already fed viewers with a high dose of budding romance inside the house and some ex flames trying to reconcile, but seemed it wasn’t enough! After Niketan-Karishma, Vishal-Sana, Rajiv-Delnaaz, there’s a hot new pair who is leaving no stone unturned to sex up the house.

Watching Bigg Boss inmates Aashka Goradia and Sana Khan cozying up inside the blanket came as the most unexpected shocker and I was short of words. Aashka was all over Sana kissing her, caressing her and didn’t give a damn to what anyone would think. Now, that’s some real action inside the Bigg Boss house that viewers haven’t seen yet. While watching all this happen on national TV, the moments from the past flashed in front of my eyes and I could recall how desperate and sex starved Veena Malik was shown getting intimate with Ashmit Patel in the garden area in past season of Bigg Boss. That still was bearable and made some sense – but Aashka and Sana together in the bed? I’m guessing if something’s cooking between the two.

For last 2 months inside the Bigg Boss house, Aashka might have been quite open about her boyfriend Rohit and their relationship but this closeness with Sana has put her into spotlight for all obvious reasons. I am not saying that two female friends can’t hug or kiss on national television but when you know that you’re being captured by 70 cameras all day and night, you better be careful with your actions and gestures. And after watching visuals of Aashka and Sana’s shameless PDA (Public Display of Affection) on Bigg Boss house, viewers have all reasons to doubt her preferences.

Surprisingly, Aashka has never been too comfortable with male contestants on the show. Be it Rajiv getting touchy and feely with her or Santosh Shukla making flirtatious passes, she never has paid much heed to any of these. On the contrary, Aashka has always been shown spending maximum time with female inmates including Delnaaz, Karishma, Urvashi and Sana Khan in particular.

Well, that says it all… I wonder if Aashka would soon realize that her so called concern and love for Sana is not getting down well the audiences outside. God knows where this new love story would head towards!

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  1. Pinki rai Wednesday - 26 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    I am pinki from delhi . M daily watched bigg boss 6 , these two girls ashka goradia and sana khan i felt that both they are lesbian . Not only my views infact whole world people think that both are lesbians . And i like in big boss one n only urwashi dholakia and i want urwashi become winner .

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