Bigg Boss: What makes Sana Khan insecure?

Bigg Boss: What makes Sana Khan insecure?

Item girl and southern hottie Sana Khan is creating lot of noise inside the Bigg Boss house. Keeping aside the glam factor and her ever smiling face, other things seem to have taken the center stage. The incident showing Sana Khan having a continuous argument with Rajiv Paul over some conflict during captaincy nominations proved that things aren’t too simple as they look from outside.

Apparently, Rajiv (on being influenced by other inmates) wanted that Sana should withdraw her name from captain’s nomination and he should get majority votes. But Sana’s evident retaliation, reluctance and unwillingness to accept the defeat came as a big surprise. She kept insisting that it doesn’t matter who becomes the captain. Okay, if Sana was no unbothered with Rajiv becoming the next captain of the house, why couldn’t she just simply withdraw?

And not just this! The 20-something starlet acted over smart and tried to persuade Rajiv that if he promises to save Sapna and nominate Niketan using his captaincy power, she would instantly back out. Wow! Such a smart trick! Alas, Rajiv is no fool and neither was he born yesterday. The 40-year-old TV actor has been around for quite some time and knows how to tackle issues such as these. Not paying heed to whatever Sana Khan said, Rajiv decided to leave it on fate and let things happen with time. Only to realize later that Sana made a fool out of herself by voting in Rajiv’s favor and made him the captain. The fact that there was a clear tie between the two, it’s evident that Sana’s vote (if she used in her favor) could have changed the game completely.

Having said it all, I still can’t figure out what makes Sana Khan so insecure?It’s been more than a month inside Bigg Boss house and she has not been nominated even once by the contestants. So why is this fear all the time that if she doesn’t become the captain, she won’t survive that week? So childish it sounds sometimes. Maybe that’s the only threat Sana Khan has – being the youngest contender on Bigg Boss show. With housemates like Urvashi, Delnaaz, Rajiv, Vrajesh and others who are much senior to her in age as well as work experience, Sana seems to be trying a bit too hard to secure her place in the house.

With Vishal’s entry however, Sana would have breathed a sigh of relief for they are friends from before. But everything went for a toss when Sana noticed Vishal talking to other Bigg Boss housemates with equal comfort and friendliness. Ah, Sana and her never-ending insecurities.

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