Bigg Boss: Vishal-Karishma’s bonding irks Sana Khan

Bigg Boss: Vishal-Karishma’s bonding irks Sana Khan

Bigg Boss house is a perfect place where swinging emotions and changing equations are ‘normal’. Love, hate and friendship seem to be things that are meant to be momentary and can’t have a future in the long term, exceptions granted!

In the ongoing season of Bigg Boss, good friends Sana Khan and Vishal Karwal’s closeness was gaining momentum and everybody expected that it may spark a love affair between them. But only the till ex contestant Karishma Kotak made a re-entry on the show and things took a U-turn. Apparently, Vishal is now getting closer to Karishma and quite evidently, the good looking actor is trying hard to woo and impress the gorgeous model. Is that enough to make Sana feel insecure and uncomfortable? Hmmm, not sure!

Clearly, Sana has no faith in her strong friendship with Vishal that’s why she’s getting so irked by his bonding with other inmates inside the Bigg Boss house, especially Karishma. Ironically, Sana and Karishma were really good friends on the show before Karishma made a sudden exit due to her father’s demise but now that she has come back, things aren’t the same. Sana has not only changed her behaviour towards Karishma but also doesn’t like the fact that Karishma now is getting friendly with everyone else on the Bigg Boss show. And when it’s with Vishal, it creates even more insecurity and jealously. Guess Sana is so afraid that she might lose a good friend to Karishma. Isn’t this a bit too strange?

I mean everyone knows that Bigg Boss house isn’t a place to make friends rather your old friendships can go for a toss once you a part of this show and playing it. What happened to Urvashi’s friendship with Delnaaz and Aashka? I don’t think Sana’s concern about Vishal and Karishma is even worth mentioning in front of them. Yet, the hottie is leaving no chance to express her discomfort whenever she spots Vishal and Karishma having a candid chat. Surprisingly, Niketan Madhok, who was once in a relationship with Karishma is showing no sign of excitement with her re-entry in the show neither he is worried with her increasing closeness with Vishal. Quite a mature outlook I must say! Or maybe, he’s being just too smart keeping in tandem with Bigg Boss game.

It’s high time, Sana should understand that she can have both Vishal and Karishma as her friends and be in clear majority inside the house and enjoy the show. No point cribbing about Vishal’s new bonding, just because he was your friend too at one point. Sana baby, wake up and smell the coffee, it is Bigg Boss house!

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