Bigg Boss: Urvashi-Niketan, what’s cooking?

Bigg Boss: Urvashi-Niketan, what’s cooking?

I am amazed to see how Bigg Boss house has turned out to be a place where divorced celebs find solace in someone else’s company. In last season, it was Pooja Bedi who was seen mingling with Akashdeep ‘Sky’ Saigal and their love story took a new turn once they were out of the show. And once again, in the ongoing season of Bigg Boss, Urvashi Dholakia’s increasing fondness for co-contestant Niketan Madhok has raised many eyebrows.

Surprising is the fact that Urvashi never used to like Niketan in the first place and has said a lot of things to her friends behind his back. But as everyone knows that with every tasks, friendships change inside the Bigg Boss house, Urvashi too couldn’t maintain her stance for too long and became friends with Niketan. Ever since they have started to gel well with each other and their friendship came in spotlight, viewers got to see an altogether different side of Urvashi. Be it saving Niketan in nominations or giving his name for the most deserving contender or feeling glad whenever he is saved from nominations, Urvashi has always stood up to support Niketan on numerous occasions. Human nature you see! Being a divorcee and a single mother, it’s only natural if Urvashi has found a great friend being on the Bigg Boss show. Though it’s a good sign that feelings are mutual, as Niketan too is in awe of Urvashi and can’t stop bragging about how mature and balanced she is in life and on the show.

Adding to the speculations that there might be something brewing between them, the recent episodes of Bigg Boss have shown the two sharing quite a lot quality time in the house with instances like Urvashi comforting Niketan and moving her fingers in his hair. Prior to this, she was even spotted giving a head massage to Niketan – yes, it did make me recall that infamous or rather notorious massage that Veena Malik used to give to Ashmit Patel but Urvashi is no where closer to it for the orgasmic expressions the Pakistani actress brought along was something only she could have done.

And if this wasn’t enough to up the excitement level, the two are now sharing the same bed, after Bigg Boss announced that all inmates would now stay in one room. Interesting, isn’t it? Now whether it’s simple platonic friendship or there’s more to it, only these two can tell but as of now, there’s certainly something fishy. And Bigg Boss audiences are quite intelligent by now to understand the slight hints and then come to conclusions. So is it the start of another love story that is flourishing inside the Bigg Boss house? You never know!!!

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  1. Riya Tuesday - 01 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    Niketan hai hi aisa jis par koi bhi mar mete.Ilove you nik

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