Bigg Boss: Urvashi Dholakia’s tryst with the past

Bigg Boss: Urvashi Dholakia’s tryst with the past

Agree or not, but it takes real guts to mess with someone like Urvashi Dholakia. A popular TV actress primarily for portraying negative characters in soaps, she’s possibly the only contestant on Bigg Boss season 6 who can scare others. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that she has most of the times succeeded in intimidating people.

But the recent episode where Delnaaz’s brother Bakhtiyar Irani entered the Bigg Boss house of scandals as a guest and gave his piece of mind to Urvashi came out to be an eye opener for the hottie. As per the statue and freeze task, Bigg Boss contestants were not allowed to utter a word and poor Urvashi had to bear it too standing there. I can’t imagine how she kept her cool and listened to all whatever Bakhtiyar said.

With his bang on revengeful mode, Delnaaz’s brother lashed out at Urvashi for calling his sister ‘fat’. He furthermore made a point to let Urvashi know that all this is sending out a negative message in the outside world and even her two young sons are watching this show, so she better be careful with her words next time. And just when I thought Bakhtiyar is over with letting out his anger, another sarcastic remark came for Urvashi, “Ekta Kapoor does a fantastic job while casting people for vamp roles”.

OMG! I was speechless and spellbound for a fraction of second and couldn’t really believe that the man just said this on national television and in front of all other Bigg Boss housemates. Bakhtiyar probably was referring to the most popular on-screen character of Komolika that the actress has played in an Ekta Kapoor show.

For Urvashi, that moment must have been a nightmare and interestingly her expression throughout (frozen and shocked) looked so apt for the situation. After all, there’s very little you can say in your defense when someone brings you closer to reality and makes you realize what people think of you.

Somewhere I felt, Bakhtiyar was right in pointing out that Urvashi is the best choice to play vamp roles. Haven’t we seen inside Bigg Boss house also how she has played her dirty game, been friends with someone and then ditched them for her own interest? That’s so typical Urvashi aka Komolika. Well, Bigg Boss house is such. No matter how hard you try, reflections of your true personalities tend to come out in open very soon and Urvashi was no different here.

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