Bigg Boss: Sana-Vishal make up, love is in the air!

Bigg Boss: Sana-Vishal make up, love is in the air!

Friends turning into foes or worst of enemies getting back together as best buddies – it’s a routine thing inside the Bigg Boss controversial house. The latest from the ongoing season of the show is hot starlet Sana Khan and reality TV boy Vishal Karwal who seem to be forgetting their differences and reconciling with each other. The two knew each other from before they entered Bigg Boss house and hence there were all reasons for their friendship to blossom further on the show.

However, the fact that everyone in this house of scandals struggles their way hard to survive in the game, Sana and Vishal too wee no exception! Their lovey-dovey friendship soon went through a rough path, courtesy consistent bitching and not-so-pleasant gossiping sessions with other Bigg Boss contestants. The things went worse to such an extent that Sana didn’t even say a smiling ‘goodbye’ to Vishal when he got evicted and made an exit from the house. It is strange how such strongly bonded friendships come to and instant end just because others wanted it to. Poor Vishal and Sana! The highly anticipated love link-up was nipped in the bud.

But seemed Bigg Boss had something else planned for them. Vishal moved into the rural house after eviction and now with the latest twist of uniting both the houses, he is back in the main house with all contestants. And Sana Khan has all reasons to be happy. Not only that he would get to clear frictions between them but also there are chances that Vishal might reciprocate to her sweet loving gestures in a better way than before.

And looking at the latest episode, things already seem to be moving in the right direction. Sana and Vishal were seen sorting out their issues and much to viewers delight, the two shared a hug and kiss to make up and mark an end to their fight. They even made promises to stand by each other for whatever days they are on the show. How sweet!

Whether this sweetness stays for long or not, it’s tough to say but love has surely taken over and the two birdies would now often be spotted together. I can stop laughing while imagining how insecure remaining Bigg Boss housemates would feel with this not-so-easy-to-break friendship between Sana and Vishal. Well, that’s the ways of living inside this controversial house. Things go out of your hand and then fall in place – as per situations and Bigg Boss twists.

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