Bigg Boss: Rajiv Paul, a born loser?

Bigg Boss: Rajiv Paul, a born loser?

The day I first saw Rajiv Paul in the Bigg Boss bagging about his life, his past and whatever he has done, I got my picture right what he is up to. A TV actor who didn’t create much noise during his stint on television, Rajiv seems to have gone through enough in life personal and professional life. A not-so-great career and then a failed marriage, this ought to make him the kind of man he is today – wannabe, desperate and attention seeker.

Maybe, getting a chance to be part of the Bigg Boss show acted as a savior for him, as he got to enjoy some moments of stardom in front of cameras. But I don’t see Rajiv making the most of this opportunity. Rather, he is giving Bigg Boss audiences every chance to believe that he is a loser and underachiever – for various all reasons. The way he reacts to situations inside the house of scandals and especially when there’s something said pertaining to him and ex-wife Delnaaz, it certainly doesn’t across as a pleasant sight.

Not to say that he always defends himself but I hate the fact when he tries to pull down Delnaaz saying that he is more worried about her future and that’s why he wishes to reconcile with her after 2 years of divorce. Crap!!! I wonder what on this earth makes him think that that he’s still an eligible bachelor and would get anyone. I really like how Delnaaz’s brother Bakhtiyar Irani who entered the Bigg Boss as a guest pointed out how Rajiv has never tried to save his marriage. I feel this chauvinistic fellow needs to face the moment of truth and start concentrating on his own life rather caring about someone whom he left long ago.

Also, whatever audiences outside have seen on Bigg Boss so far, they have understood Rajiv’s psyche and how he acts like a loser all the time. At times, the aggravation gets up so much so that he breaks down on national television, and if this doesn’t work, he would start to shout and scream at others. I’m not sure though if yelling his lungs out has ever helped Rajiv to get his point right. Rather, Salman has often warned him that he should tone down while talking in front of him and draw a line between how he behaves on the show and during eviction episode.

Well, all this would only make sense if Rajiv picks the hints and start behaving mature, accepts the truth and let it go. Otherwise he can continue to ‘rest his case’.

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  1. Nazma Monday - 17 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    Rajeev is a loser and henpecked. He keeps on yelling at Imam and follows Delnaaz like a puppy dog. It is him and not Imam who needs pshyciatric help.

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