Bigg Boss: Rajiv character assassination, a national debate!

Bigg Boss: Rajiv character assassination, a national debate!

Rajiv Paul would have never thought that participating in the controversial show Bigg Boss season 6 would cost his so much so that facing personal attacks and open character assassination would become a way of life. Not only the actor has been attacked several times on the show by viewers who think he’s arrogant and doesn’t respect women, but his ex-wife Delnaaz’s family members too haven’t spared him.

First it was Bakhtiyaar Irani who snapped Rajiv in front of everyone stating him to be a loser, and now it was Delnaaz’s mother who took out her anger on ex son-in-law. Indeed shocking were the revelations that Delnaaz’s mother made on the Bigg Boss show pertaining to her daughter’s divorce. I bet Bigg Boss himself wouldn’t have expected that having contestants’ family members participating in the nomination activity would turn out to be so exciting.

At times, I wonder was all of this Rajiv drama really called for or is it all scripted. Or is Delnaaz’s family on purpose trying to frame Rajiv Paul via this reality show? And it’s such repeated incidents that make me doubt if things are all pre-planned because I don’t understand why a man like Rajiv would tolerate such humiliating character assassination that too on national television being watched by millions of small screen viewers.

Apart from Rajiv-Delnaaz divorce drama that has been on sale for last 12 weeks on the show, it’s his inclination towards Bigg Boss hotties Sana Khan and Karishma Kotak that has often made other point a finger at him. And honestly, it’s quite evident how he keeps throwing himself on Sana despite her reluctance to be close to him.

Making his own situation worse, Rajiv has over and over again made derogatory remarks for the fairer sex saying that ‘a 40-year-old man has more options as compared to a woman of same age’ et al. Looking at the bigger picture, one can only say that Rajiv has invited all the troubles on his own and it’s just ‘coz of his uncontrolled actions and reactions that time and again, he has been targeted. Even Bigg Boss host Salman Khan has many times confronted Rajiv on his touchy and feely gestures towards ladies inside the house but seems the man is just not perturbed. Seems Rajiv is too used to hearing such things about him and maybe that’s why he shows no sign of worry or altering his behaviour.

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