Bigg Boss: Is Vishal seriously sick?

Bigg Boss: Is Vishal seriously sick?

Handsome hunk Vishal Karwal who entered Bigg Boss 6 house as a wild card entrant a month back has already been driving his female fan following crazy. His love link-ups with Sana Khan remained the highlight of the show for all this while, there were more sparks in the house when he got close to another Bigg Boss contestant Karishma Kotak.

Besides his love link-ups, what caught viewers’ eye and particularly of host Salman Khan was the fact that Vishal is most of the times spotted lazing around on the sunbathing chairs kept in the garden area. Just like me, you too would think there’s no big deal in it. But seems Bigg Boss took it a bit too seriously and as a stern reaction, has ordered Vishal to be placed on a stretcher for next few days till the next instruction. Not just this, he would have to seek help from other Bigg Boss inmates to make him move from one point to the other inside the house. Disgusting it is!

I personally felt, such a thing wasn’t really in a good taste. Even if there is pun intended and Bigg Boss intends to teach a lethargic Vishal a lesson, it’s not really pleasant to see someone lying on the stretcher like a dependent patient and unable to do anything on his own. Poor Vishal, he has suddenly become the joke of all butts inside Bigg Boss house, as many inmates feel that he deserved this.

However, I still don’t understand from where such harsh yet amusing punishment came into picture? If you ask me, it’s a huge task in itself to stay inside that house of scandals, and one needs to find their own ways to be comfortable and adjust. And if Vishal felt at ease while spending maximum time on the sun bed while chatting with co-contestants, there was nothing wrong in it.

If Bigg Boss actually felt that Vishal was too lazy to do household chores, he could have given him some tasks and not act in such a way. Looks like, Bigg Boss is getting as desperate as the contestants to raise the TRP bar up by doing such petty things as making a lazy fellow relax on a stretcher. But the point is will Vishal change a bit or remain the same.

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