Bigg Boss: Is Sana Khan ‘legally blonde’?

Bigg Boss: Is Sana Khan ‘legally blonde’?

Yes, I am legally blonde……… It’s not easy to admit it on national television but for Bigg contestant Sana Khan, it seemed more of a self realization than anything else. The hottie who is enjoying her stint on the controversial reality show was often referred to as ‘a dumb blonde’ by ex-Bigg Boss contestant Vrajesh Hirjee and even other inmates agreed to it to some extent. Though it’s a separate story altogether that Sana would never accept it, but surprisingly, it’s only after a recent series of incidents that the chirpy beauty herself has realized that she is made for the title ‘legally blonde’.

Mind you, it’s not viewers who have given her the title but the lasso has admitted it loud and clear in front of 70 cameras that yes she is ‘LB’. If you still are thinking what made her say so, let me spill the beans for you. Sana has always used her young age to her best advantage, which clearly shows up in her actions and reactions. Being the youngest inmates inside Bigg Boss house, she has loved the pampering that she got from other housemates, but unfortunately, it hasn’t really helped her score any brownie points. Rather she has only ended up being the joke of all butts. Even in obvious situations, Sana Khan has failed to pick the hint and hence thinks she fits the bill to be called by that name. Though at some point I even felt that she is just behaving childish and is not that innocent and ignorant in real.

First it was the secret task given to Sana by the Bigg Boss, in which she failed miserably as she shared about it with other housemates – her so-called friends. Then it was a task where each contestant had to sit in a Vodafone booth and express their wish but an over smart Sana presumed that she had to say her mind in front of the camera, hence leaving everyone in splits. Putting all speculations to rest and validating the very fact that she is not as smart as others, Sana even said it in open in front of Salman Khan that she has proved on various occasions that she is ‘legally blonde’. It came following the incident where Salman asked Sana what’s coming up next on the eviction episode and she just couldn’t recall that it’s going to be Vodafone caller of the week. That was the end of her game. She wasn’t even spared by Salman Khan who grilled her inside out and laughed out on the fact that she knows that she is ‘legally blonde’.

Funny, as it may sound, but even it being legally blonde has helped Sana Khan anyhow to survive inside the Bigg Boss, I think it’s only wise to carry on with the same image. In the end, it’s all about staying in the house till the end and be the winner. Keep up the good work Sana ‘blonde’ Khan.

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