Bigg Boss: Is Delnaaz getting over confident?

Bigg Boss: Is Delnaaz getting over confident?

Finally, the oh-so-polite Delnaaz Irani came out of the closet and lashed out at Bigg Boss co-contestant Urvashi Dholakia. Having seen a calm and cool Delnaaz for past 60 days, it was indeed a shocker when she abused Urvashi on national television. Guess, it was called for because after whatever has happened inside the Bigg Boss house and the way Delnaaz has been targeted for being nice to everyone, she was left with no other choice. But was it only after Bakhtiyar episode that Urvashi got a point to instigate Delnaaz? I don’t think so, for the actress has been going through a lot of turmoil since Day 1. For no reason, everyone inside on the Bigg Boss show is extra curious to persuade her to reconcile with ex-husband Rajiv Paul against her wish to do so. Adding fuel to fire was Salman Khan when he asked Urvashi to mimic the way Delnaaz cried and bared her heart out in one of the tasks. Must say, Urvashi was too good in imitating a teary-eyed Delnaaz yelling her lungs out to make a point. But was that required? Considering that Urvashi and Delnaaz have been friends outside for past 13 years, this situation could have been easily avoided, but Urvashi acts not only made Delnaaz furious but also compelled her to say those things which she would have never said otherwise in front of 70 cameras.

Amid all this, the highpoint was when Delnaaz screamed and abused saying, “If I get evicted from the Bigg Boss, no fu***ng bas***d deserves to say in this house.” Wow! This is what you call confidence. Though some might believe that Delnaaz has become a bit too over confident for her sati savitri image has helped her remain in good books of most of Bigg Boss contestants and audiences alike. So was this showdown with Urvashi an end to all those goody talks? While Delnaaz would continue to deny saying that this is the way she is in real life too (calm and composed) but viewers have certainly got to see another side of the actress. Right or wrong, but I loved the way Delnaaz gave Urvashi a dose of her own medicine. It was high time; she needed to speak up ‘coz inside the Bigg Boss house, if you choose to stay silent for long, it’s like hammering your own feet. I’m glad Delnaaz took the right call at the right time. However, the interesting part was that Delnaaz or for that matter no other Bigg Boss inmate had any clue that Urvashi was provoking Delnaaz in tune with a secret task assigned to her. I’m excited to see how everyone would react once the secret comes out in open! Will Delnaaz repent for the harsh words she said on national television and would there be any rounds of apologies? Let’s wait and watch!

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