Bigg Boss: Imam Siddique’s entry & exit could be pre-planned!

Bigg Boss: Imam Siddique’s entry & exit could be pre-planned!

Expect the unexpected from Bigg Boss and that’s the way to be. The episode where wild card entrant Imam Siddique was thrown out of the Bigg Boss village house wasn’t really ‘NORMAL’. Right from his entry to exit, everything seemed a bit too melodramatic. It looked as if Bigg Boss show makers and producers had pre-planned all minute details. Not exaggerating any incidents, but honestly the whole Imam Siddique drama looked scripted from start to end.

To begin with, getting a person on a show like this was a risky proposition in the first place. Those who have seen Image and Fashion consultant Imam Siddique hosting a show on UTV Stars would agree that his arrogance and high headed attitude is tough to overlook and bear through for long. So was it a deliberate attempt by Bigg Boss makers to have him on the show? Maybe, they could contemplate that Imam would indulge in fights and trigger controversies, hence giving the much needed boost to otherwise low TRPs of the show, more so because season 6 hasn’t been as exciting as previous seasons of Bigg Boss.

Moreover, if his conduct on the show wasn’t acceptable, I don’t understand why Bigg Boss even needed to wait for things to become worst and then throw Imam out of the house. Right from Day 1, he started throwing tantrums and misbehaved with the other two contestants Nirahua and Aashka. That would have sent alarm bells ringing in Bigg Boss’ head already. Despite this, no harsh step was taken at an early stage. Why audiences were even made to bear him for two days? More than that, I feel watching Imam Siddique clad in a body suit and do obnoxious yoga moves was rather vulgar and didn’t come across as a pleasant sight whatsoever. Poor Bigg Boss viewers – had no choice but to tolerate him on the show.

It’s time that Bigg Boss’ creative team needs to realize that it wasn’t a wise move to have a contestant like Imam on the show. It didn’t do any good for the sow’s viewership, rather unnecessarily insisted viewers to point a finger at show makers and allege that ‘everything is scripted’.

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