Bigg Boss: Imam Siddique cornered or punished?

Bigg Boss: Imam Siddique cornered or punished?

Agreed that Imam Siddique is the most annoying, irritating and disliked contestant inside the Bigg Boss house. Also, it’s evident that ever since the Image and fashion consultant entered the show, no one else has breathed a sigh of relief. Despite all this, I am wondering what made Bigg Boss plot against him and corner him whereas all other Bigg Boss housemates were given a chance to vent out their feelings and emotions for him.

Last night’s Bigg Boss episode had Imam sitting separate like a culprit in the court and everyone else had to speak up their mind and tell whatever they dislike about him. Though Bigg Boss made his ‘nice’ intentions clear behind the whole practice by asking everyone to give a ‘jadoo ki jhappi’ to Imam once they are over with expressing their complaints and grudges against him, but things aren’t as smooth as they may look from outside.

For all nine contestants on the other end, it came as a chance of their lifetime and they didn’t think twice before venting out their anger, hatred and frustration for Imam. Urvashi and Rajiv in particular made a point to make Imam realize that he better mind his words and actions, ‘coz if he tries acting over smart, others aren’t going to sit silent and would give back to him – in the face.

I bet Bigg Boss audiences would have loved watching a rather helpless Imam sitting quietly and listening to whatever others had to say but at the same time. However, I felt it was a well thought of punishment for Imam for all the wrong deeds he has done inside the house. Not because Imam wasn’t given an equal fair chance to speak up but for a clear reason that when you have majority against you, there’s very little you can do to make your point. Imam exactly was in the same situation, as he was left with no other option but to feel bad about his villainous portrayal on the show. I guess getting cornered like this was still a better punishment for Imam Siddique rather than getting evicted out of the Bigg Boss. Good show!

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