Bigg Boss getting too desperate for TRPs

Bigg Boss getting too desperate for TRPs

Being an avid Bigg Boss viewer, I am sure of one thing – fetching TRPs would have never been so difficult for show makers and channel producers as it has been throughout season 6 of the controversial show.

Not only Bigg Boss season 6 lacked luster in terms of any sensuous hotties as participants or controversial catfights garnering eyeballs, but also the dull faces on the show and mundane routine of the contestants has made everything look so boring. I mean what fun viewers can get while watching a desperate loser Rajiv Paul throwing himself on all female contestants inside the house. Or for that matter mad man Imam Siddique scaring the housemates and audiences with his repetitive psychotic antics. After a point time, the excitement quotient is bound to go down and that’s what has been happening for past 92 days on Bigg Boss 6.

Well, maybe that’s why Bigg Boss devised ways to garner TRP, invite obvious controversies – only to make things exciting and pep up the fun quotient inside the house. Then be it getting family members of participants inside the house and sharing best kept secrets or locking inside a secret room for 24 hours and making him watch what other contestants are talking behind his back or more recently showing clips of some incidents from previous episodes in front of the 6 finalists – all these are nothing but tactics to catch viewers’ attention and hit headlines. It’s only obvious to expect a boost in viewership and TRPs after such provocative things are shown. Clearly Bigg Boss wanted to provoke housemates and instigate fights among them making everyone watch a controversial conversation that has happened in the past.

And if this was not enough, highly-desperate-for-TRP Bigg Boss decided to reveal the public voting graph to the housemates and let them see where they stand in the finale week. Wow! Now, this was quite a desperate attempt. Phew! I’d have felt happier if show makers would have put the same amount of intelligence in coming up with some interesting tasks making the show more exciting instead of restring to such cheap gimmicks that rather looked ‘desperate’. With just 4 days for the show to wind up, I am hoping some more surprises to unfold that may or may not help adding some more TRPs in Bigg Boss’ kitty. Stay tuned and keep watching!!!

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  1. Sheetal Wednesday - 09 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    Agreed! Such stupid gimmicks.... it's a boring show this season, period. No amount of Imam antics, Rajev's loserism or Salman's bad manners are gonna rescue this drowning ship.

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