Bigg Boss: Doomsday for Vishal’s love story

Bigg Boss: Doomsday for Vishal’s love story

Bigg Boss 6 contestant Vishal Karwal wouldn’t have expected that his blossoming love story inside the house would come to an end so soon. Just a day after Vishal confessed his feelings for Bigg Boss co-contestant and ‘good’ friend Sana Khan on national television; he was shown the exit doors and got evicted from the show. Though it was not Vishal’s first tryst with eviction for the actor has been voted out of the Bigg Boss 6 house earlier also and then after staying in village (padosi) house, he was back in main house.

Since then, there have been numerous occasions where the two have been linked up – either by housemates or by Salman Khan when he would jokingly say things about Sana & Vishal make a nice couple. This excitement level went up ever since Vishal announced publicly that he’d like to date Sana officially once she’s out of the Bigg Boss house but this unfortunate eviction played the spoilsport. Though it’s tough to say if those feelings were for real or just as a part of the given task by Bigg Boss, but I’m sure just like me, thousands of Bigg Boss viewers are wondering will Vishal’s exit from the show bring his love story to an end or will there be more sparks in the outer world. Well, till the time Sana is inside the house, nothing can be said but looking at the kind of bond the two developed while their stay on the show, things look pretty positive.

Also, Sana might have maintained her stance and continued to hide her feelings and deny any love affair with Vishal yet things didn’t remain under wraps for long. Her possessiveness and fondness for Vishal came out in open on certain occasions and things went to the next level when Vishal openly admitted his feelings. Let’s just hope that his eviction doesn’t mark an end to things and the two lovebirds start dating each other in the outside word and form a great couple too. Good luck!

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