Bigg Boss: Do sudden exists affect TRPs?

Bigg Boss: Do sudden exists affect TRPs?

Bigg Boss season 6 is indeed different, as the show witnessed not one but two sudden exits this time. First it was model Karishma Kotak who left the show in between following her father’s demise. And now ex-cricketer turned politician by Navjot Singh Sidhu has also walked out of the Bigg Boss show because apparently BJP leaders needs him in Gujarat for polls campaigning.

Whatever is the reason be, I am surprised to see the ease with contestants come into the show and then walk off for reasons best known to them. Aren’t they supposed to be on a contract with the channel and show makers that they have to be insde the Bigg Boss house for a given period? Then why even such cases are taken into account. Tragedy situations apart, how can a contestant quit the show in between for some contemplated reasons? I thought these things are decided well in advance and then only someone is granted entry into the house.

In the past five seasons also, there have been numerous occasions when Bigg Boss contestants were made to leave the controversial house mid way and leaving the viewers in a fix as to why their favourite contestants left the show (See below for details). This makes me think if there is any TRP jump for the channel whenever such high points come in the show. Of course, if you hype someone’s sudden exit so much, TRP ratings ought to get affected – usually in a good way. It may backfire in cases where the person leaving the house happens to be one of the strongest contender and audiences’ favourite.

For instance, in case of Sidhu, chances are likely that channel may suffer a TRP loss due to Sidhu’s absence from the house now onwards. The fact that he was a peacemaker inside the Bigg Boss house and everyone loved him and even viewers ant panted him to win the show, it‘s tough to digest that he is no longer a part of the show. Let’s hope that weeks to come bring many more exciting surprises that could fill the void that Sidhu left behind.

Here’s a rundown of all the contestants who left the Bigg Boss house mid way in all season so far. Take a look.

. Season 1 saw cricketer-actor Salil Ankola leaving the house on day 7 because he was under a contract with another production house that didn’t allow him to take part in any show produced by rivals.

. Season 2 saw British television celebrity Jade Goody who had to call it quits due to her medical condition, as she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

. Season 3 had Shamita Shetty who walked out of the show to attend her sister Shilpa Shetty’s wedding.

. During the last week of Season 3, Baktiyaar Irani decided to accept Bigg Boss’s offer for Rs 10 lakh and stepped out of the house.

. Third unplanned exit in Season 3 was of controversial star Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) who was asked to leave the house on the basis of his improper conduct with other contestants on the show.

. Season 4 had Devender aka Bunty Chor who was thrown out of the house because of his violent behavior.

. Season 4 also saw drama queen Dolly Bindra and Samir Soni leaving the show in between because the two got embroiled in a major fight and even abused each other.

. Season 5 happily allowed former wrestling champion Sonika Kaliraman to quit the show, as she was six months pregnant and was unable to handle the frequent fights and arguments inside the house.

. Second and the most surprising exit from Season 5 was of the ‘spare me’ queen Pooja Misrra. She was eliminated by Bigg Boss himself after a tiff with co-contestant Siddharth.

. The ongoing season of Bigg Boss has already witnessed two unexpected exits from the show – Karishma Kotak who took away the glam quotient from the house and Navjot Singh Sidhu whose style of wit will be missed the last day of the show.

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