Bigg Boss: Divide and rule is the mantra!

Bigg Boss: Divide and rule is the mantra!

Now we all know why Bigg Boss season 6 is different! Then be it having the most lame rundown of contestants who couldn’t do anything great to keep their idiotic personalities under wraps, allowing way too many exits and entries inside the Bigg Boss house or having a rural house erected right next to the main house, the format of the show did underwent some changes. And if audiences urge to get heavy dose of entertainment didn’t satiate here, Bigg Boss has the master plan, and he merged the two controversial houses only to up the drama quotient and raise TRP bar to different heights.

If it really helped or not, tough to ascertain! But one thing is sure, after this coming together of both houses; it’s only divide and rule that looks like the mantra to survive on the Bigg Boss show. The moment housemates were divided into Blue and Red team, I was amused how quickly they forgot their differences and frictions and worked only towards a common purpose – win the tasks by all possible means – good or bad – it hardly counts!

It was indeed a surprise to witness best friends Delnaz and Aashka having their first ever conflict on the show ‘coz Delnaz didn’t let ex-husband Rajiv volunteer for a task. Nirahua, who stayed with Santosh in the mud house for quite a few days, was seen discussing about Santosh’s actual personality with Vrajesh and both feel that he’s now playing the game.

Well, it’s evident each Bigg Boss inmate is now focused on playing his/her game, paying no heed to the so-called budding friendships. After all, that’s the way the format of the show has been designed. So now if red and blue teams have split the friends in different groups, it’s only obvious that Bigg Boss contestants would find and make new friends. And this is nothing new, as inside the Bigg Boss house, relations and equations have always changed with every task, and now with teams playing against each other, everyone wants to play for themselves first. With nominations and evictions getting tougher now, it’s only fair to get selfish.

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