Bigg Boss: Delnaaz is faking it big time!

Bigg Boss: Delnaaz is faking it big time!

No prizes for guessing that Bigg Boss house is one place where you can’t hide behind your artificial masks for long. No matter how assertively Delnaaz Paul says that she has been brought up in a way that she doesn’t lie or backstab people, the fact remains that she has played it dirty on the Bigg Boss show. I clearly remember watching the episode where Delnaaz opened up her heart and mouth in front of Aashka giving out inside details about her married relationship with now ex-husband Rajiv Paul. She not only divulged details like how Rajiv would always sit at home without work and she would be the breadwinner in the house, but also alleged that she is still bearing the burden of the EMIs for loans that they had taken together.

Strangely, when Rajiv’s brother Rakesh entered the reality show as a guest and opened his eyes to all these things being said on national television behind his back, Rajiv was not only surprised but taken aback for he has always stood up for Delnaaz for whatever time they have spent inside the Bigg Boss house. Shocking point came when Delnaaz, on being confronted by Rajiv, very conveniently refused to accept that she had said any such thing to anyone on the show. Oh my God, I am surprised to see with what guts she denied and kept saying that she has never got into the details of why their marriage failed or what’s the reason behind their divorce.

It sounds more shocking when viewers outside have already seen Delnaaz revealing it all herself in front of her friends – now whether it was deliberate or came as a result of an emotional outburst or break down – the fact doesn’t change! She did talk about things which nobody would have known otherwise. So, why keep tight-lipped now? For over two months now inside the Bigg Boss house, Delnaaz has been portrayed as a very friendly, soft spoken, honest and humble human being but seems she isn’t realizing that such blatant lying is doing nothing but tarnishing her image beyond imagination. After this confrontation with Rajiv where Delnaaz preferred ending the conversation than give any explanations, she certainly has come across as a really fake person who won’t step back even if it requires lie to save her image.

I wonder if Bigg Boss viewers would any longer believe and buy her good-two-show image. Let’s see if Delnaaz realizes the mistake and apologizes to Rajiv or maybe she would rather find solace being with her other double-faced fake friends including Aashka and Urvashi.

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