Bigg Boss: Can Imam Siddique ever change?

Bigg Boss: Can Imam Siddique ever change?

Bigg Boss: Can Imam Siddique ever change?

Every time I see this man on my TV screen, I feel like pulling my hair, as I have not clue what’s about him that we love to watch him. Image and Fashion consultant Imam Siddique who is creating the much needed chaos inside Bigg Boss house has already been given enough chances by Boss himself to tone down his behavior and act sensibly on the show. While staying inside the mud house, Imam was thrown out because of his obnoxious and abnormal actions and even when he has entered the main house, things are pretty much the same. Despite getting third chance from Bigg Boss to be part of the game abiding all rules, Imam Siddique seems to be going against the odds and setting his own rule.

From the day Imam has entered the main Bigg Boss house, he has been the trouble maker. Not only has he thrown weight whenever he was asked to do some task out of his comfort zone but also seemed least interested to gel well with contestants on the Bigg Boss show. Talking of recent episodes, it’s evident how Imam isolates himself each time a task is given to housemates. Not to say that he denies participating but certainly he doesn’t take any keen interest in doing it as part of the show.

More recently, Imam got embroiled in a heated argument with Bigg Boss co-contestant Rajiv Paul. Apparently, he was saying things about Delnaz and Rajiv, which annoyed the actor and hence the verbal fight. This only shows Imam’s character as an extremely aggressive, senseless and repulsive person. Clearly, he doesn’t know how to practice control over his actions and count his words before he speaks. In last eviction episode, the way Imam referred to Sapna Bhavnani with those crass words on national television, it was just unacceptable. For a second, I couldn’t believe he was the same man who jumped with joy on meeting Sapna Bhanvani inside the Bigg Boss house and now he’s only seen tarnishing her image calling her ‘the most fake person on the show’. So typically Imam it sounds. This only validates that some people don’t change their attitude towards others and don’t even feel ashamed while making such offensive remarks.

All said and done, even if Imam Siddique has got a chance to be back in the game after being ousted twice from the mud house, I think it’s only because Bigg Boss’s courtesy, otherwise a man like him doesn’t even deserve to be in the game. Honestly, with such people, no matter how many chances you give them, they never change. I bet in remaining few weeks of Bigg Boss too, Imam Siddique is only going to create ore ruckus inside the house and continue being the insane trouble maker. No wonder if Imam has come with exactly the same game plan!

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  1. Hitesh Monday - 24 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    I loved to watch imam. he has a stylish attitude.....

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