Bigg Boss 6: Will Delnaaz and Rajiv Paul patch up?

Bigg Boss 6: Will Delnaaz and Rajiv Paul patch up?

The minute Bigg Boss 6 host Salman Khan announced the entry of divorced celebrity couple Delnaaz and Rajiv Paul inside the house; it became an obvious thing that this season would witness some real drama.

And why not! With a separated couple sharing screen space, staying in front of each other’s eyes 24 x 7 and locked inside Bigg Boss house for 90 days – I don’t think it’d be tough for anyone to imagine the heavy dose of entertainment that is in store for them.

Moreover, having ex partners Delnaaz and Rajiv participating in Bigg Boss show (three months after they got formally divorced), it was precisely an easy way to boost TRPs. For simple reason that their discomfort to face each other, or moments when they would scratch secrets from past would serve as the best gossip for Bigg Boss viewers. And that’s what audiences want… don’t we?

But after watching the initial episodes, especially Rajiv’s desperation to get close with ex-wife Delnaaz – I felt it is already getting a bit too much. Right from the first day, Rajiv isn’t leaving a chance to talk to Delnaaz and despite her evident reluctance, he’s not stepping back.

Just one week inside the Bigg Boss house and Rajiv Paul has already expressed his wish several times, to reunite with Delnaaz. And this is when Delnaaz has clearly indicated through her actions and reactions that there are no emotions left and she doesn’t feel anything for her ex-husband now. Yet, there are housemates in Bigg Boss such as navjot Singh Sidhu and Aashka who are trying hard to bring the two back together. Is it that easy? I don’t think so!

At the same time, I somewhere feel if Rajiv survives this week’s elimination in Bigg Boss 6, there would be some more trials from his side to patch up with Delnaaz. Now whether he does that all by himself or seeks help and support of other inmates, it’s yet to be seen in coming episodes of the show. But one thing is for sure, if at all, by the end of Bigg Boss season 6, Rajiv and Delnaaz reconcile – it would be the most memorable moment in the history of Television. Bigger than Sana-Ali’s superficial wedding that took place inside Bigg Boss house in the previous season or Rakhi’s public confession for her love Abhishek Awasthi in the first season of the show.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the time if Delnaaz changes her mind and decides to give a second chance to her relationship and Rajiv. Can’t believe Bigg Boss has the power to mend broken bonds as well. :-)

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  1. ms homai engineer Monday - 22 / 10 / 2012 Reply
    I am an avid viewer of bb and am glad so far it s going good...with kashif's elimination there seems to be some change...surely no one needs Bhindras or sky in such shows...hope to see mature and well behaved inmates.

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