Bigg Boss 6: Urvashi Dholaki turns ‘Vamp’!

Bigg Boss 6: Urvashi Dholaki turns ‘Vamp’!

Finally, Urvashi Dholakia has gone all out in her real avatar and showed her true colors on Bigg Boss 6. Known to be one of the best vamps for her on-screen character Komolika, Urvashi proved it inside the Bigg Boss house that no matter what, the reflections of the reel character show up in real life too. And that’s what exactly happened. After a dirty fight with another Bigg Boss inmate Sapna Bhavnani, Urvashi couldn’t control herself and lashed out at everyone around her.

The shocking was when she didn’t think once before taking a dig at her so-called friends Aashka Goradia and Delnaaz Paul inside Bigg Boss house. Since day one, Urvashi has been behaving over-friendly with these two contestants but when it came to defending herself, Urvashi bluntly pointed at them saying ‘they bitch and gossip about Sapna and then hang out with her’. Wow, Urvashi showed some real guts this time!!! Impressive!

Honestly, I wasn’t really surprised to see Urvashi screaming, shouting and yelling like a mad woman. Being an avid TV watcher, we have already seen enough of her like this in a popular daily soap that took her career graph to different heights. Sadly, no one would have thought that she’s equally or more cunning and shrewd in her real life too. But Bigg Boss brought the truth out in open.

The moment I felt appalled was when Urvashi Dholakia didn’t spare a senior participant like Navjot Singh Sidhu and boisterously said ‘yeh bahut manaah aadmi hai, main mahaan nahi hoon’. Without any sign of regret or shame for what she said, Urvashi clearly had no qualms being so outspoken and giving her opinion about Sidhu. Well, it only shows that Urvashi was trying to be a goody two shoes on the Bigg Boss show till the time things became dirty and she was forced to take off the mask and show what she is in real. Once a vamp, always a vamp!!!

If this is the scenario inside Bigg Boss house, I am really keen on watching more contestants coming out of the closet and bring out their real personalities. Bring it on!

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