Bigg Boss 6: The good, the bad and the ugly

Bigg Boss 6: The good, the bad and the ugly

Call it house of scandals and it won’t be an overstatement. Those who said that Bigg Boss season 6 looked dull and boring are now glued to their idiot boxes putting all other so-called important chores at stake. This is the least you can expect from Bigg Boss show and why not! Serve our Indian audiences with controversies, drama and gossips and it’s enough to satiate their urge of getting entertained. Bigg Boss, you know it all how to keep up the thrill factor inside the house with the most unexpected twists and turn and hence, leave viewers with no choice but to have nail biting moments.

That’s exactly what Bigg Boss 6 contestants are going through. As the main house and village house have come together, it’s like India-Pakistan taking the first step towards friendship. While the contestants inside main house got the biggest shocker of their life on seeing the evicted contestants back on the show, for the inmates of rural house, it’s like a godsend opportunity to play the game life never before. But if this chance is missed, then going home is the only option left. Also, when Bigg Boss has announced that there would be more than one eviction next week, the anxiety levels of contestants ought to reach its peak.

So what do you think is the atmosphere right now inside the Bigg Boss? Let’s do a quick analysis and see who is happy and who is sad after this twist came their way.

Starting from the oh-so-sweet Delnaaz, I bet she would feel insecure now ‘coz the competition that was going down with each passing is back and chances of her winning the show have been divided. Talking of Urvashi, she would leave no stone unturned to tarnish Aashka’s image, who apparently is in good books of everyone. While Sana’s lost hopes to have some link-up with Vishal would have revived, poor Niketan on the other hand would miss the undivided attention he used to get from all the women inside the house, as there are more men now inside the Bigg Boss House.

Aashka would finally breathe a sigh of relief, as Santosh’s attention would get diverted towards other ladies including Sana and Mink but at the same time Rajiv would face stiff competition, as he was the only flirt in the house so far. Nirahua would be the happiest soul, as after getting out of the Bigg Boss house after first week only, he has seen whatever happened afterwards, so he is all set with strong with self-defense antics. Vrajesh too would come into a revengeful mode and take a dig at those who said things behind his back that he got to know after eviction.

Last but not the least, while both wild card entrants Mink and Vishal would try to play it safe and subtle and not act desperate to hog media limelight, psycho characters Sapna and Imam would remain unbothered about whatever is happening inside the Bigg Boss house and continue scaring others with their obnoxious selves.

And you said Bigg Boss 6 lacks excitement and entertainment? With so much in store to check out for, I just can’t wait for things to unfold in the coming episodes.

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