Bigg Boss 6: Sana-Vishal, new lovebirds!

Bigg Boss 6: Sana-Vishal, new lovebirds!

It’s barely been a day that Vishal Karwal entered the Bigg Boss house and rumors of his link-up with co-contestant actor Sana Khan have already started to create a buzz. By now, everyone knows that Sana and Vishal know each other from before and for audiences, this seemed good enough a reason for viewers to spark rumors that something’s cooking between them.

If it was not viewers then Bigg Boss himself was no less in making it obvious to the whole world. Remember the little parts from the recent episodes that showed Sana and Vishal dancing sensuously to the tunes of a romantic track and the way the actress was shown hugging the wild card entrant – it only added more substance to the rumors that are doing the rounds outside the house. And if this wasn’t creating enough spice, Bigg Boss announced it loud and clear that Sana will now onwards be a shadow to Vishal (for next few days), making him comfortable inside the house and apprising him of the rules and other things. Well, what else we need to say!

These small yet significant incidents only make it clear that as the shows progresses and Vishal spends a few more weeks inside the Bigg Boss house, it’s quite likely that the two will form some sort of connection. Show makers too, would ensure that viewers get as much entertainment as possible, if not through catfights and controversies than through these budding love affairs on the show.

I am sure those who got to know of Niketan and Karishma’s past relationship, would have their doubts if Sana and Vishal also share any such ex-flames. Looking at their chemistry so far and the comfort, with which they talk to each other on the Bigg Boss show, viewers have full freedom to let their imagination go wild. So let’s watch out and see if Vishal and Sana end up being a hot couple and if their so-called affair continues outside the show also.

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