Bigg Boss 6: Navjot Singh Sidhu calls it quits!

Bigg Boss 6: Navjot Singh Sidhu calls it quits!

Despite being one of the strongest contenders on Bigg Boss show, ex-cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu made a sudden exit from the controversial house. Yes, it came as a shocker when I first read about it and then watching him bidding adieu to other housemates (next episode’s teaser) was a heartbreaker. Reportedly, BJP chief Nitin Gadkari wants Navjot Singh Sidhu to start poll campaigning in Gujarat. The news was made public via Sidhu’s wife, as she also added that ‘Narendra Modi loves Sidhu and has expressed the desire to have him on the election trial’.

In his four week stint inside the Bigg Boss house, Sidhu was neither nominated by the other inmates even once nor was he embroiled in any major dirty fight as such (a few arguments here and there are acceptable). He remained a fatherly figure to all contestants on the show and tried his best to spread positive energy in the house till the last minute of his stay. Alas, it is Bigg Boss house, where moral values, ethics and principles don’t count much.

Amid all this, I really wonder if Sidhu actually gave up and wanted to move out of the Bigg Boss house because his image was maligned to a great extent by some contestants on the show. Especially the incident where Sapna Bhavnani called him a coward and yelled at him for supporting the wrong was a bit too much to handle. Following this was a confrontation with Urvashi who also didn’t appear too happy with Sidhu’s mellowed down gestures towards Sapna. In earlier episodes of Bigg Boss also, Sidhu came under the scanner for his strong stand against nomination activity and other things. I won’t be surprised if all this had an accumulative effect on Sidhu’s sudden exit from the show.

Well, as they rightly say, God has his own ways! Good luck Sidhu ji. We will surely miss you and your quirky one liners on the show.

(Sidhu left Bigg Boss house on Friday and the episode will be aired on Saturday.)

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