Bigg Boss 6: Let’s be friends again!

Bigg Boss 6: Let’s be friends again!

Just when Bigg Boss announced that there’s exactly a month left for the show to come to an end, it sent alarm bells ringing in everyone’s head. Least I was expecting was to see best friends forever Aashka, Urvashi and Delnaaz reconciling and coming back together as the terrific trio inside the Bigg Boss house. And that’s what happened!

The fact all three of them knew each other from before the show and their 13-year long friendship was strong enough to get shaken ‘coz of controversies inside the Bigg Boss house. But unexpected are the ways inside the mad house and even the bond this trio shared wasn’t spared. There were endless rounds of catfights, misunderstandings, accusations and allegations and as a result Urvashi decided to isolate herself from this infamous group and switched to a new set of friends. As the show is nearing an end in 4 week’s time, it was rather suspicious than surprising to see the friends-turned-foes getting back together.

Also, viewers wouldn’t really have expected such sweet and sugar coated gestures from a straightforward and blunt person like Urvashi. Strangely I used to quite like this popular TV vamp and how she was being her real self on the show and not trying to hide her true personality. Her overt and in-the-face attitude without giving a damn to anyone on the Bigg Boss show has somehow managed to win so many hearts outside. However, I’m sure after seeing Urvashi’s goody-two shoe behavior extending a hand of friendship to her buddies would have raised many eyebrows. Maybe, Urvashi too is smart enough and knows that majority counts inside Bigg Boss house and with merely 4 weeks left, all she needs is as much support from housemates and in turn lesser nominations for eviction.

Amid all this, I only like the fact that Aashka Goradia who is playing a smart game inside Bigg Boss played the mediator and took a step forward to sort things out between Delnaaz and Urvashi. Especially after the emotional outburst that Delnaaz had following Bakhtiyar’s derogatory comments for Urvashi, atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss house became way too annoying. But whether this friendship would make things any better or not – only time would decide. Let’s just wait and watch!!!

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