Bigg Boss 6: Karishma, Niketan ex-lovers?

Bigg Boss 6: Karishma, Niketan ex-lovers?

Bigg Boss 6 is finally becoming tolerable and worth watching. I know there is still a huge lot that would disagree. It’s okay! But after the latest revelation that has come out in open, I bet it’s going to get only more interesting in the weeks to come.

A few days back, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Pooja Bedi tweeted that models Karishma Kotak and Niketan Madhok have been a couple from before and have met each other in the current season of the show after they parted ways.

Honestly I wasn’t really surprised to read this because if you’ve been watching Bigg Boss 6 closely, you can easily sense that there’s something cooking between the two models (Karishma and Niketan) inside the house.

Rewind and switch to the launch episode: Bigg Boss 6 host Salman Khan called Niketan Madhok’s name as one of the contestant to enter the house and then Niketan was made to introduce co-contestant Karishma Kotak. Ah, there you got me! It can’t be a sheer co-incidence. And their gestures made it all the more obvious that the two have had a ‘secret past’.

And even Sanjay Dutt, who appeared as a special guest on Bigg Boss show, validated that Karishma and Niketan have been ex-lovers and not many people know about this. Wow, I like it!

Apparently, none of the housemates on Bigg Boss 6 have a clue about Karishma and Niketan’s past, and I’m just wondering how they would react when they get to know of this best kept secret. Makes me laugh for a while thinking that as if it wasn;t enough to have one separated inside the house (Rajiv and Delnaaz) that viewers would get to see one more ex-flame getting back together. Interesting, indeed!

Well, I’m quite excited to see how these stories unfold and whether these ex love affairs would have a happy ending in Bigg Boss 6. Keep watching for more gossip!

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  1. shifa Monday - 22 / 10 / 2012 Reply
    oh no i dont want them i want sayanthani and niketan ...................

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