Bigg Boss 6: Imam and Sapna, Best Friends Forever?

Bigg Boss 6: Imam and Sapna, Best Friends Forever?

Notorious Imam Siddique and obnoxious Sapna Bhavnani – I can’t even imagine which direction Bigg Boss housemates are heading for in the remaining weeks of the reality show. Most violent and controversial contestant in the history of Bigg Boss, Imam Siddique has entered main house and has already started to intimidate the existing inmates.

Though I was surprised to see an overtly excited Sapna Bhavnani who seemed to be the happiest person on seeing him! The way the two pounced on each other and started screaming like kids was simply hilarious. For a fraction of second, both Imam and Sapna looked completely in awe of each other and as if they have known each other for ages and have been best friends forever. Wow! Sounds like Bigg Boss has done the best thing in the world by sending Imam Siddique inside the main house, only to comfort Sapna and make her at feel at ease.

Having said this, I still was confused why Sapna was so happy, because from her candid yet murmuring conversation with Imam in the garden area, apparently she doesn’t know him much. Yet she feels that they are quite like-minded and hence would connect well on the show. Yeah, we will see how well their connection would be and if their bonding stays for long.

Anyways, I wasn’t expecting anything better when these two psychotic characters met. Except the reassurance that both of them are as insane as they can be and their abnormal behaviour on the show has only brought them into spotlight more often than required.

While Sapna Bhavnani who has been on the show for last 53 days has toned down a bit and is trying hard to amicably settle in the house, but with Imam Siddique, it is impossible that he would change his attitude towards the game and co-contestants. But the catch is will Sapna get back to her devilish antics after Imam’s entry in the house?

God knows how Bigg Boss housemates would get used to living with such twisted characters. And viewers for sure will get to witness plenty of occasions when they’d find it tough to decide who is more psychotic and a bigger drama queen – Imam or Sapna. It’s getting exciting indeed!

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  1. Dileep singh jajal Thursday - 06 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    Nigerr show hai boss: lakin jaha sapna ,imam,delnaz badey fadhu hai aur Rajiv bai u r great men sanha krishma both ur sexy urvashi u also good ,santosh ek k pechey padtey shied koi fass jate, Aur sapna tu tho sali pagal ladki hai.....Rajiv i love u man

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