Bigg Boss 6: How Sampat Pal survived two evictions?

Bigg Boss 6: How Sampat Pal survived two evictions?

Lead commander of ‘The Gulabi Gang’, Sampat Pal Devi is hogging a lot of limelight inside the Bigg Boss 6 house. Clad in pink saree and crusading for woman’s rights, Sampat might be the only contestant on Bigg Boss show who doesn’t fit the bill as other so-called celebrity participants would do, but mind you, she knows well how to play it smart. Really smart!

Isn’t that obvious after she has already survived two eliminations? Despite getting majority votes from fellow housemates to get nominated from the Bigg Boss house, Gulabi Gang founder managed to easily get away with it. I’m amazed that she didn’t have to bother about audiences’ reaction or public votes to save her. Apparently, the cause she fights for and the kind of rapport she has created outside is enough to melt millions of hearts.

The strangest part was the fact that no contestant nominated Sampat for being aggressive or dominating but for reasons like her simplicity and not being able to adjust in the house. Blah!!! But ironically, even after getting nominated for two consecutive weeks; Sampat still stands tall inside the house with no sign of fret or worry on her face.

First week it was Bigg Boss house Captain Niketan Madhok who saved her following a task (where Sana performed an item number) and second week, Sampat’s impressive poetry on each housemate left everyone did the magic and saved her. Sheer luck I’d say!

Otherwise there’s no reason why Sampat should stay inside the Bigg Boss house. No I’m not saying that she’s not glamorous or isn’t giving much gossip to the viewers but simply because she’s way too different from others to get along with them. Imagine Karishma Kotak teaching Sampat how to talk in English or Urvashi Dholakia telling her to behave like a TV vamp or Sapna Bhavnani giving a makeover to Sampat Pal Devi – won’t it all look extremely funny? Had it been any other celebrity, such things would just look like a task, but with Sampat, it just gives a reason to audiences to make fun of her, which I feel isn’t a fair deal.

No one would want to be a part of Bigg Boss show to get ridiculed or tarnish their public image. And as celebrity hair stylist Sapna Bhavnani rightly pointed out that Sampat doesn’t realizes that others are laughing at her innocence and simplicity and that’s why she should get evicted. But looks like fate has something else only in store for her! She already has survived two evictions already and looking at the popularity, she might just stay for a few more weeks inside Bigg Boss house. It surely would be fun and exciting to watch how her journey would shape up and how far she would go. Enjoy!!!

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    I am John since beginning evidence to Bigg Bioss programme . I really appreciated to make nice reprogramme who deserved to say their audience vision. am disappointed to saw the captain activity become poor & couldn't controlled the situation even on 17th . the girl disagree with Rajib it is planning disclosed to Rajib. this lady activity is very poor is don;nt deserved to all society even may faller next season

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