Bigg Boss 6: Flop show

Bigg Boss 6: Flop show

Bigg Boss season 6 had a very promising start but with each passing day it is becoming more and more boring. The previous seasons were so much more entertaining thanks to likes of Dolly Bindra. The contestants of this season provide no masala. And they are trying so hard to create problems.
Infact, it is so boring that Bigg Boss is creating situations which will lead to issues and conflicts between the contestants. Lol

Even the host Salman Khan is trying to revive the show through his interactions with housemates. On top of that they are bringing back eliminated contestants into the house. What is the point of eliminations then? It is so unfair on housemates who have been in the house from the start.

All in all this season is coming out to be quite a dud and there is no excitement. Time to change the channel at 9 pm. ;)

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