Bigg Boss 6: Beyond sleaze, drama and catfights

Bigg Boss 6: Beyond sleaze, drama and catfights

Now I understand why it is different. Bigg Boss season 6 that was touted to be a family show has crossed all lines of decency and morality. Controversies, arguments, catfights are quintessential ingredients to make for an interesting Bigg Boss episodes, but things like physical or verbal violence and more recently outrageous display of personality disorder is just not acceptable. Imam Siddique’s sudden expulsion from the reality show has raised many eyebrows, though everyone’s in favour of Bigg Boss’ decision.

Though it’s not the first time someone has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house after they behaved in a hostile manner, but Imam went beyond imagination and made the show look unfit for family viewing with his shameful acts. How can an educated and professional man like him behave like this on national television – threatening the show makers that he’ll strip if they don’t let them go out? PHEW!

In the past also, contestants like Kamaal R Khan, Dolly Binra and Pooja Missra had to face Bigg Boss’ ire and were asked to leave the show half-way. Even ex Bigg Boss contestants like Rakhi Sawant, Kashmira Shah, Siddharth Bhardwaj, Akashdeep ‘Sky’ Saigal who gave tough times to other Bigg Boss housemates weren’t that tough to handle. Whatever they did or said was immediately brought under control and the show went on. But Imam Siddique has clearly broken all records. Imagine, for the first time the production crew of Bigg Boss show had to enter the house to control a contestant. Guess this says it all.

If you rewind and look through moments in past Bigg Boss season, it was still tolerable to watch a desperate Veena Malik and her orgasmic expressions or Dolly Bindra yelling her lungs out whenever she fought with inmates or Sky acting like a manic while having an argument. But Imam Siddique was not only over-the-top but looked disturbing. Getting clad in a bodysuit and doing yoga in front of cameras? And then enacting like a tiger and licking yourself and then finally the bold act of stripping – EWWW, that was all in such a bad taste.

Having said this, I am amazed how producers and show makers continue to call ‘Bigg Boss season 6’ a family show. Agree or not but it has definitely gone way too ahead of the expected sleaze factor, melodramatic moments that were rather entertaining and catfights that added spice to the show. With physically violent acts and a psycho contestant threatening to strip nude I front of cameras, I doubt if adult viewers would prefer kids to continue watching the show. I can’t wait to see if there’s more to this vulgarity and non-sense in the remaining weeks of Bigg Boss 6 – it’s different!

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