Bal Thackeray: A saviour or a terrorist? You decide

Bal Thackeray: A saviour or a terrorist? You decide

Media Channels flashing breaking news…
‘Balasaheb Thackeray – The Tiger is dead, God of ordinary Maharashtrians, A savior is dead’..blah blah.
For me, Bal Thackeray- An enemy of minorities & a person who divided nation in the name of Marathis, Bhaiyaas and Biharis in India is finally dead!! Alas!
And now that the ‘Uncrowned king of Maharashtra’ is dead. Suddenly everyone is mourning. Renowned leaders, film fraternity & media people everyone is talking & praising his greatness and his efforts for humanity. HUMANITY???

It feels pathetic, when people call him a savior! In fact he is the one to be blamed and held responsible for creating rift amongst people. I feel all the more sad when i see and hear people from current generation praising Bal Thackeray. I wonder if they really know who he was and what he actually did??? Well, What I have read and heard about Mr Thackeray and his sangh is quite different than what the entire nation is currently singing..So, here they are- Bal Thackeray’s legacies

1) ‘Ek Bihari Sau Bimari’ – A slogan that Created a regional hatred movement in our country
2) 1993 Mumbai riots where some 900 plus innocent people were killed both Hindus & Muslims.
3) Year 2006- How can we forget that year- atleast Bombay & its women can’t. When they were beaten up and humiliated in public during valentines day.
4) Controversial statements- “I am a great admirer of Hitler, and I am not ashamed to say so and I feel that he and I have several things in common!” ….Yes, so true.
5) His demand- for hindu suicide bombs and squads..And still people are crying for HIM???
6) His constant efforts/calls/demands- Always establishing Hindu-Muslim divide. Asking Mumbai police to support him & his party SS in their struggle- the way Punjab Police supported khalistanis….Hmmm.
There is so much more to add to this list of his profile but ofcourse i don’t ahve that much time and space. Anyways, I have said what I have always heard, read and listened about Bal thackeray. His racist rants against minorities and especially north Indians…We all know that. Till date that north Indian/Marathi divide can be felt and seen in every nook and cornewr of Mumbai. So on the departure of a man who loved Hitler’s ideologies & groomed his goons to be the best rioters in the world. Bal Thackeray indeed taught us many lessons which we as a nation will never want to forget.

Let us all pay our tribute :) RIP… We hope we will have some peace in atleast some part of this country

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