Asin gets a makeover – from fashion to films!

Asin gets a makeover – from fashion to films!

Had this south siren not thought of moving to Bollywood, she probably would have never got to know what being ‘glamorous’ means. Clad in six yards of wonder like other regional starlets, Asin primarily has been an actress who acted in Tamil and Telugu films. Surprisingly, it was almost after eight years that she made her way to Hindi films and since then, there’s been no looking back. After making her big Bollywood debut with Ghajini (2008), Asin has done quite a few roles and starred with top shots in the industry including Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar to name a few. Well, everyone isn’t that lucky to get such good chances in Bollywood. Asin, you have got it baby!

Though during her initial days, she got a lot of criticism for her awful style of dressing and absolute no fashion sense. She was rather written off more often by critics for her looks and fashion blunders, more than being appreciated for her on-screen roles. To some extent, her curvaceous body also contributed to the numerous fashion slip-ups she has been part of. But this rough phase didn’t last for too long for Asin soon got hold of a good stylist to give her a complete head-to-tow makeover. Now, it indeed looks surprising at times, when I see Asin being clicked for her great sense of dressing and featured among ‘Best Dressed Bollywood babes’ while she flaunts her drop dead gorgeous looks.

And it’s not just wardrobe makeover that helped Asin firm her feet in Bollywood but even the kind of roles that she is getting only hints towards an uphill movement in her career graph. After a smashing debut with Aamir Khan, Asin has only matured in her roles and she has tried hands at romance in Ready with Salman Khan and even comedy in Housefull 2 with Akshay Kumar. Asin’s latest Box Office release Khiladi 786 with Akshay is also drawing her rave reviews, though it might be an absolute Akshay Kumar film, yet the actress knows it all by now how to make her presence felt on the silver screen.

I just hope that even if Asin’s acting career witnesses a downfall at any point of time in future, she shouldn’t let her fashionable side get suffered and must keep up the glam quotient wherever she goes.

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