Arjun Rampal, wasted talent in B’wood

Arjun Rampal, wasted talent in B’wood

All I knew about Bollywood hunk Arjun Rampal was that he was a top fashion model of his time and he was Rohit Bal’s favourite muse too to walk the ramp. But switch to his acting career and stint in the film industry and I’m drawn to a deep dark silence. No wonder with an actor having zilch to talk of his not-so-popular big screen Bollywood journey, you are left with very little option but to stay silent and find facts. I seriously can’t figure out any concrete reason whey an adept actor like Arjun Rampal couldn’t make it big in Bollywood. Forget his contemporaries who are far ahead of him in their career graph, even the younger brigade has left him much behind. Jinxed or something else, I don’t know but for sure there’s has been a consistent setback in actor’s Bollywood journey.

The thing that surprises me the most is when I see Arjun Rampal portraying gray characters on big screen with so much poise, perfection and confidence. I still can’t get over his right-out-there performance in Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om where he played a top producer in the film industry. And more recently, his bald rough look in Ra One did some good, if not much, to save the sinking ship. I must say on screen roles like this speak volumes about his capabilities as an actor. Despite this, why is that Arjun hasn’t succeeded in grabbing in significant lead roles in big banner films?

Though with films like Don, Rock On, Housefull and Heroine, Arjun managed to raise his bar to some extent but it didn’t last for long. Any guesses why? I feel either the actor is letting too many apprehensions and inhibitions take over his mind or he’s acting a bit too choosy when it comes to scripts and working with directors. Though the second case is quite unlikely, for when you haven’t created much noise at the Box Office, it’s tough that you get to dictate your terms while choosing films.

Currently, Arjun Rampal is making buzz for his upcoming film ‘Inkaar’ where he is paired with sexy Chitrangda Singh for the first time. Like always, everyone’s talking about their sizzling chemistry and sensuality that Arjun brings along. This makes me ponder why is it that whenever there’s an Arjun Rampal movie being released, everyone keeps talking about his looks, sex appeal, style quotient and things like that but when it comes to acting, surprisingly there isn’t much to say or talk about. Well, it isn’t a great thing if at the age of 40 and with a decade-long career, you still don’t sound exciting enough to audiences to talk about you. It’s time for the wake up alarm for Arjun…

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  1. Tomine Saturday - 01 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    It´s right, he´s a wasted talent. But look at the successful movies at the moment in india. It´s mostly a shame (Bol Bachchan etc.) or half copied (Barfi). And what´s this new young brigade? Sons of other actors with half of the talent but better connections. And honestly Hrithik would´nt be any longer on the radar without his father. I think under ths circumstances it´s respectable to get movies like Chakravyuh.
  2. pri Friday - 04 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    I agree with you. In my opinion he is the only one who deserved to be a top bollywood actor but either its fate or his lack of skill to market himself or some politics who knows... But he is my favorite actor

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