Anorexic beauty – Anushka Sharma

Anorexic beauty – Anushka Sharma

Apologies, if that sounds too rude. But Anushka Sharma surely is ready to go the MINUS zero figure. The Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola girl has been shedding weight for sometime now and is close to a mere bony structure. Her skinny frame is ticking the alarm bell for the Bollywood actress.

Not so long ago, when Anushka Sharma debuted in Yash Raj Films’ ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’ opposite Shah Rukh Khan, the leggy lass looked beaming and of a girl her age. But a couple of films and few years in Bollywood industry have reduced a fuller Anushka Sharma to a gaunt one. Is it the price that she is paying for working too hard? The question does not suffice because the actress has been taking baby steps in Bollywood, going the Aamir Khan way. She has not picked too many movies but rather meaty roles that prove her acting prowess. Anushka Sharma has done few movies till date but has made her mark by her outstanding performances.

Off late, ‘Bijli’ aka Anushka Sharma has been looking disturbingly thin raising fears about suffering from anorexia. Some of her recent appearances at events reflected her tiny frame and proving her disappearing act. The thin legs and waist reveal that Anushka Sharma hardly has any fat left on her. Has the Band Bajaa Baraat beauty taken senior Kareena’s fitness mantras way too seriously? Or are we right in saying she suffers from anorexia? It’s time for Anushka Sharma to answer.

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