Andy Murray loses to Djokovic.

Andy Murray loses to Djokovic.

Wednesday’s match between Andy Murray and Noval Djokovic was one of the amazing tennis matches. Both of them were willing to give every last drop of effort to win. Andy Murray started with near-perfect tennis; he looked unbeatable in the first set breaking Djokovic. He was actually commanding over the first 45 minutes. Though, Djokovic dint play badly in the first set. But Murray was playing really well, serving extremely well.

But the momentum began to switch in the second set. All those who witnessed this Clash of Titans would agree that Djokovic’s ability to absorb pressure is commendable! He din’t lose his focus and began turning up the pressure, little by little.. Though, I am a Murray fan, but this time I have to give it to Djokovic, his extraordinary ability to hit at the big moments is uncanny. Murray could still learn much from Djokovic. It was a 2 and 1/2-hour match decided by very small margins.

In the end, It was incredibly tight match but well played. Sadly, there can only be one winner. So, many many congratulations Djokovic and like you said, it was a hard Match indeed!!

Some lines for my fav too. I was happy to see Murray, who fought right up to the last two points. Come back in the next Match with the same aggression that you had in the first set and then stay focused as it works for you. Good Luck! We want you in the Finalsss.

We all hope, this rivalry will evolve and we can see many more such great matches.

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