And now a film on Bigg Boss!!!

And now a film on Bigg Boss!!!

Just when audiences thought that there’s been an over dose of Bigg Boss drama and madness inside the house, I read about a horror comedy film being made around the show. Yes, you heard that right – a film on Bigg Boss. Happy, confused, unperturbed – I had a mixed reaction – just like mixed emotions of contestants who have tasted the sweet biter experience of staying inside Bigg Boss house.

But whatever you say, a film based on the experiences of the participants is just not a bad idea. I feel Bigg Boss is possibly the only show that has managed to cut across audiences of all age groups. Considering this, the film based on the same format can’t go unnoticed whatsoever.

Best part is you don’t even need a concrete script for it. It’s like a ready-made platter set to be served. The obvious ingredients like controversies, catfights, heated arguments, and bitching sessions are sure to dominate the film, but it’ll be all the more interesting to see all these being weaved into a horror comedy theme. As such, the experience on Bigg Boss show is a mix of these two elements – the horror of being locked inside a prison like asylum with people you hate and comedy in the irony that you have to bear them for a set number of days.

More than anything else, I am excited to know about the star cast that will soon be finalized for the Bigg Boss film. It would be a shocker for me if producers don’t consider contestants including Dolly Bindra, Pooja Missra and Imam Siddique to fill the horror part of the film. This lot surely fits the bill for their scary acts and gestures have given contestants on the show many sleepless nights and leaving viewers being harassed by nightmares. Imagine ghosts of Dolly Bindra and Pooja Missra clad in white sari fighting over a dead Imam Siddique!!! Won’t it be ultimate fun to watch? I can’t stop laughing… Wait, there’s more!

Talking about Bigg Boss contestants that are apt to bring the best of comic punches, I can’t think of anyone except a motor-mouth Rakhi Sawant who can take you on a roller costar ride. Don’t we all miss a teary-eyed Rakhi with running nose and two ponies crying her lungs out for no reason? Besides this, a funny Akashdeep Saigal in his revengeful mode, together with a desperate Veena Malik trying to woo Ashmit Patel through her orgasmic expressions would also bring in a lot of humor for the viewers.

Playing the peacemaker and moderator between two sides, don’t get surprised if Navjot Singh Sidhu is roped in for the role. After all, Sidhu paaji knows it all how to bring things under control with his unique style of wit. And in case there’s space for any guest appearance, I don’t think a skimpily clad Sunny Leone with her funny Hindi accent would be a bad choice.

Sounds to be the most exhilarating mix ever that big screen would witness. A true multi starrer in all respects! You may continue to think if Bigg Boss has any cinematic potential or not, I just can’t hold my excitement. Come on, someone please spill more beans about it. I’m loving it!!!

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