Aarushi Talwar murder, India’s prime time horror show

Aarushi Talwar murder, India’s prime time horror show

As news broke out of the gruesome dual murder of teenager Aarushi Talwar and the house help Hemraj, all sorts of conspiracy theories kept cropping up. It was a brutal murder with evidence that included a bloody matress lying on the terrace and plenty of pieces of a puzzle that just wouldn’t fit. Aarushi Talwar seemed like just another happy teenager, probably having the the same angst like any other of her generation. Aarushi came from a nuclear family of what seemed like loving parents. It was a standard middle class family, so when more details of Aarushi’s murder started trickling in, India was shocked at the gory side of middle class India.

And of course it made for the kind of sensational fodder that is every news channel’s wet dream. Having witnessed first hand the kind of sleazy angles that were discussed in a newsroom, I couldn’t help but be shocked by the kind of theories cropping up from senior journalists. Each one trying to outdo the other in finding newer, sleazier angles at edit meetings. Yet when the phone lines were left open to the public during debates in air, I found myself stumbling when asked how we as journalists justified tarnishing an innocent girl’s image on national TV. This when we had protected our very own from the same aspersions on Soumya Viswanathan’s murder. I had no words. And now it seems as though Aarushi’s ghost is back to haunt after new discoveries in the DNA tests made. And i’m guessing news channels will fight like a pack of hyenas over the meatier, juicier, bloodier details.

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