Aamir Khan’s marketing overdrive for Talaash

Aamir Khan’s marketing overdrive for Talaash

Aamir Khan, also known as ‘the perfectionist Khan of Bollywood’ is all set to make a big splash on the movie circuit with his upcoming thriller, ‘Talaash’.

Aamir’s ‘Talaash’ comes after his super successful movie, ‘3 Idiots’ and a dream debut on national television, ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

Every Aamir Khan movie generates incredible amount of curiosity and hoopla amongst his audience. There is no other actor who comes even slightly close to the kind of fan-fare that Aamir is used to generating ( with the exception of Salman Khan of course )

So since Talaash is on the brink of its world-wide release, Aamir Khan wants to leave no stone unturned for the movie’s promotional run. Also, since Aamir is known for devising innovative strategies to promote his films, the industry is eagerly waiting to see what he does to pep up the buzz around ‘Talaash’.

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