Aamir Khan: Is ‘Talaash’ end of the road?

Aamir Khan: Is ‘Talaash’ end of the road?

Walking in to watch Aamir Khan’s much anticipated film, you ought to have set your expectations quite high and ‘Talaash’ was no different. Not to blame the movie lovers, for Mr. Perfectionist has himself set his standards so high. With the kind of buzz and hype that was already created around the film’s release, movie buffs went in with lot of hopes, though it’s not always that you get to see what you expected. ‘Talaash’ to me came as a sheer case of disappointment – in particular with Aamir Khan’s performance.

Being at the top and having contributed to numerous success stories at the Box Office, I still can’t figure out what made Aamir pick such an average role. Keeping aside the news of Box Office collections or new records being set by ‘Talaash’, I would only talk about the actor’s performance. I personally expected this film to be a banging comeback for Aamir Khan, as after ‘3 Idiots’ in 2009, it’s been three years that Aamir has not done a full fledged role. But ‘Talaash’ just didn’t turn out to be the perfect choice.

Though the actor had an extended guest appearance in ‘Dhobhi Ghhhat’ last year but due to lack of commercial viability, the film wasn’t really an out-and-out Aamir flick. Despite this, there is no reason why Aamir would settle for an average role that looked just so unfit for this caliber. If you ask me, I’d say any run-of-the-mill actor like Sonu Sood, Sharman Joshi or even Shreyas Talpade could have played the role of cop in ‘Talaash’ and done full justice to it. Then why Aamir Khan???

Somewhere I think, Aamir has become a bit too over confident about his films, roles and on screen characters and he has presumed that no matter what, his films would be a Box Office hit. Clearly it’s the case with ‘Talaash’, as despite such a mediocre performance by Aamir, the film has managed to give stiff competition to JTJH and SOS – the two big releases that were talk of the town till sometime back. More so, the popularity that Aamir got and sensation that was created after his small screen debut with ‘Satyamev Jayate’ this year, Aamir would have somewhere taken it for granted that even if his performance isn’t that great, chances are quite high that film would be successful. Hmmm, no wonder he’s referred to as Mr. Perfectionist – what a perfect presumption!

While watching ‘Talaash’, various incidents made me feel that Aamir Khan is underplaying his role so much so that he’s just not letting his perfection come out. It felt as if the role of the gritty cop was made to fit Aamir’s shoes and the actor didn’t step into the character as much. Maybe that’s why the performance failed to impress me in any way. Well I’m just being hopeful that it’s not the onset of Aamir’s downfall in Bollywood and the actor will continue to take up better projects next time.

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