Aamir Khan, good at being bad in Dhoom 3!

Aamir Khan, good at being bad in Dhoom 3!

It’s no secret that Aamir Khan is by far the most finicky actor there is Bollywood. In fact more than his link ups with actresses half his age like a Shahrukh or a Salman, the only allegations that have been made against Aamir is that he likes perfection! Not a bad trait in itself, till the time you start working with him of course! Ask Amole Gupte and Anusha Rizvi who have both worked with him. The problem with Aamir is that he likes things his way and it’s always his way or the high way. So good luck to Aditya Chopra who has cast him as a villain in Dhoom 3.

You can be sure Aamir Khan or Perfectionist Khan as the media likes to call him will put his blood, sweat and tears into researching to be the best baddie that Bollywood has ever seen. Who else but Aamir would be competitive at being perfect at being bad!

In fact Aamir has even been quoted saying that his villainous role will be inspired by real life. Mr Perfectionist Khan won’t have any of the OTT villains of days gone by. So don’t expect a Shakaal or a Mogambo from Aamir. Rest assured Aamir as the villain will cause goosebumps for sure!

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