1920 Evil Returns or Aftab’s return?

1920 Evil Returns or Aftab’s return?

1920 Evil Returns is a film that is scripted to titillate the audience through that tried and tested method of bringing in the bizarre to the usual exploitation of sex and sleaze on the big screen. Unlike Hollywood horror films like The Sixth Sense of the Paranormal Activity series, Bollywood’s attempts at scaring you witless have always relied heavily on the sleaze quotient.

The horror part is almost an after thought. 1920 Evil Returns however has a greater intent; that of returning Bollywood has been Aftab Shivdasani to playing the onscreen hero. Judging by the role’s requirement of the hero needlessly smooching the female protagonist every now and then, Aftab may have leapt at an offer he obviously couldn’t afford to lose.

1920 Evil Returns relies heavily on the Hollywood horror classic The Exorcist. The part where the girl is possessed seems to be the only thing 1920 Evil Returns has in common with The Exorcist. The film is in fact more reminiscent of the horror kitsch genre of a Ramsay Brothers cult classic. Even in that the attempt at kitsch is half baked leaving 1920 Evil Returns a sad love story with the only real reason it was made to re launch Aftab Shivdasani. In fact 1920 Evil Returns should have been called the horror Aftab Shivdasani returns!

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