12:12:12: Rajinikanth’s auspicious birthday!

12:12:12: Rajinikanth’s auspicious birthday!

It is 12-12-12 today, a date that would come after 100 years. Now call it a mere coincidence or something else but it happens to be Rajinikanth’s birthday today! Yeah, even I was amused for a moment when I realized this fact. For all these years that I have been listening to some really random and absolute meaningless jokes based on south superstar Rajinikanth and his paranormal powers, this one came across the best one so far and a bit logical too. However, his fans continue to laugh it out on social networking sites saying “Only Rajinikanth can celebrate his birthday on 12-12-12.”

Nonetheless, while people across the country and even worldwide are celebrating this special day 12-12-12 with would-be moms wishing to deliver their babies on this date, the fact that south superstar celebrates his birthday on the same day makes it all the more auspicious for his die-hearted fans.

I feel just like this special date, it’s only once in 100 years that someone as big and iconic as Rajinikanth is born who can take the whole nation by a storm. With his modest attitude and an aura to charm everyone, the actor created a sensation down south and even his stint in Bollywood films has only drives his fans crazy.

I can’t recall watching too many of Rajinikanth films but the ones that I remember are sufficient enough to prove the god-like actor’s caliber and validate why he is so popular among masses. Even in a film like ‘Hum’ that had Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda, this south superstar managed to make his presence felt on the silver screen. Then lately, his sci-fi film Robot was indeed a visual treat for movie lovers.

Having seen and heard so much about Rajinikanth, it’s tough to deny the fact that even at the age of 63, the actor possesses the guts to give any young B-town chap a run for his money. Be it action sequences or comedy or even romance, the actor par excellence seems to be master of all traits. No wonder why he is considered God by his huge and crazy fan following. Here’s wishing Rajinikanth a very happy birthday

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